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[Cosplay] Magic Knight Rayearth ~ by ~PjnPjn

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Rukia  Hinagiku

Ichigo  Kazui Kirisaki

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Photo credit: chriswithcamera / slight editing by me
Anime Weekend Atlanta 2012 

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These are photos from a new project I’m starting in response to the “Fake Geek Girls” buzz that’s been going around.

“All Geeks are Real Geeks” or the “Nothing to Prove” project. This is just a simple project I’m working on to help give all cosplayers of any gender, shape, size, color, etc. the confidence they need to do something they love. 

All Geeks are Real Geeks, because everybody starts somewhere, and there is no person in the world that has the right to tell anybody else what they can and can’t be.

I took photos of cosplayers at Ikkicon VII, holding up a small sign that reads “Nothing to Prove! All geeks are real geeks.”

I plan on continuing this project at more conventions I attend, and I hope this helps give people the confidence they need to cosplay. Because cosplay is for everybody. And the Nerd Culture is for everybody. And guess what?

It doesn’t matter what other people say.

Fantastic idea :) The message “Nothing to Prove” works for other criticisms in and of the cosplay community as well.

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Rida and Veronica-Himeeeee! XD

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